How It Works

1. Tell us about yourself

Simply enter your age, height, weight, current activity levels and intended goals and let Mr Prep do all the number crunching to give you a breakdown of your recommended calorie intake per day not to mention the optimal balance of your proteins, carbs and fats for your intended goals.

2. Choose your gourmet goodness

Select from our wide variety of delicious gourmet meals from our available menus. All of our ingredients are locally sourced providing you with all the vitamins and minerals you need. Each meal is made fresh to order – we don’t mass produce in advance or freeze our meals to fulfil customer orders.

3. Choose your delivery date

We offer a nationwide delivery service (UK Mainland). Orders placed by Tuesday midday will be delivered on Friday and orders placed by Thursday midday will be delivered on Tuesday. Your meals are placed in insulated hampers with iced gel packs keeping them fresh for up to 48 hours.

4. Chill, heat, eat, repeat

When you receive your delivery refrigerate your meals at the earliest opportunity once the insulated hamper has been opened. To enjoy the taste of The Ultimate Gourmet Fitness Food Experience simply follow the instructions provided on the outer sleeve of each meal.