When is the cut off point for deliveries?

All orders placed before midday Tuesday will be delivered on Fridays and orders placed before midday on Thursday will be delivered on Tuesdays.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can only be cancelled prior to the cut-off point.

Is there a minimum order qty?

Yes, the minimum order qty must exceed £50

When will I be billed?

As soon as you have confirmed your order on the website

How will I be billed?

We take payment via PayPal, you do not need to create an account with PayPal as we take payment from all major credit and debit card merchants.


My delivery is late, what do I do?

Your deliveries can all be tracked via the DPD app. Please allow until midday for your delivery to arrive. If your delivery hasn’t arrived by mid-day please contact us on 07943371553

You will receive text alerts and notifications throughout the day as long as you provide us with your contact details at the time of placing your order, making it almost impossible to miss a delivery.


Can I freeze meals?

Mr Prep suggests you refrigerate your meals and consume by its original use by date for optimum freshness and enjoyment however meals can be frozen for up to 2 months in its original packaging. 

How long should I heat the meals for?

Punch several holes in plastic film on the container with a fork and place in the microwave on full power for 2-3 minutes based on (700w microwave). Check the temperature of the meal with a fork and ensure meal is piping hot in the middle. All meal trays can be recycled at your discretion. 

How do I know when to eat each meal?

Aim to space your meals evenly throughout the day. We recommend you take breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up and consume your healthy nutritious gourmet meals by Mr Prep every 3-4 hours depending on your fitness goals.

Are your meals halal?

All of our meals are halal. 

What is the use by date on the Breakfasts, Guilt Free Treats and Smoothies?

Use by dates are provided on the packaging of all items purchased through Mr Prep please check the label where this information is provided.


*We are a professional gourmet cooking service, our goal is to help each Mr Prep customer eat better and live healthier lifestyles. Our intention is to help those who lack direction and knowledge make better lifestyle choices by reducing the hassles related to preparing their own meals.

We offer personalised meal plans which promote health and well being without compromising great taste. Not all plans need to be supplemented with physical exercise however this does accelerate the process for clients to reach their intended goals. We do not intend to diagnose or treat any medical conditions and we strongly recommend consulting with your physician before starting one of ours or any other eating or training plans, if you have any concerns.